Jim Evry

Exodus to Earth


Exodus to Earth is a great ride for mythonauts everywhere!” — Phil Cousineau, author of Once and Future Myths.


“Many a science fiction novel chronicles a journey that begins on earth, but reaches for distant stars and planets. In Evry’s first novel, however, that journey is turned on its head” -Sean Minor,  Editor from The Pioneer Newspaper.




“There is an ancient Evion story of the quest that is still valid . . . to discover ones inward self -then return with a life force message or clue that has been missing or forgotten from society . . .”

“Sometimes however; the journey is for other reasons, such as redemption . . .”

Once, Evion was a thriving planet—but that was before its orbit began to decline. Now, as the planet comes treacherously close to the massive dying sun and their heat shields melted, one man believes their planet’s orbit has decayed too much, and their luck has run out. He has found a suitable planet to migrate to but despite Starion’s allies, his political enemies will stop at nothing to thwart his plans for global escape.

With their star-power cells running dangerously low, their spaceships—necessary for evacuation—are useless. When personal disaster strikes hard, Starion - with inspiration from ancient Evion stories and intentions not to interfere with the less advanced civilization, travels to Earth’s past in its year 2060 on a desperate gamble to find energy.

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